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Boost Gauges

Time to see how much boost you're kickin' with a boost gauge!

What is a boost gauge?

A boost gauge, can be found in both analogue or digital readings. They're both used to see how much boost your're getting from your car's turbocharger/supercharger.

Can I use a Boost gauge in my car?

If your cars got forced air induction in it, chances are it is a supercharger or turbocharger. We could talk more about what forced air induction is, but this is about Boost Gauges, so we're not. For now, all we need to know is that you have either a turbocharger or supercharger in your car.

I have a Turbocharged/Supercharged vehicle, now what?

Right, now it is time to measure the amount of air that your car is being forced to induct. (The amount of air is usually referred to the amount of boost your cars getting.) Why you ask? Well if you're serious about power and even economy it is good to know how much air you're getting so you can regulate it. For example, too much air equals a fuel rich combustion, and too less equals a lean combustion. Both of which can possibly lead to serious damage to your engine.

How do I measure the air?

This is where the Boost gauge comes in. The boost gauge exists to let you know exactly in real time how much or even how less air your engine is receiving from your turbocharger/supercharger. It will give you a display right in front of you (or wherever else you want to put it). 

Here's a an example of a boost gauge from one of our brands, Turbosmart. 

As you can see the dial is on zero right now, since it isn't connected to a car, but it goes up to 30psi and down to 30psi too. (psi is the units how air is measured)

(Yes. bar is available too)

How do I know which one is the right boost gauge for me?

Majority stock/OEM turbos make the same amount of psi. So the boost gauge you will need would be the one that measures up to around 30psi. Only if you're upgrading you turbo to an even bigger one, you may need another boost gauge which has a higher psi count. 

Where can I get a boost gauge?

Click here to see our Turbosmart boost gauge.


Here is a gauge set up, alongside a boost gauge on the side pillar of a Focus RS.



Here's another boost gauge mounted onto the air vent!



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