Scorpion Exhausts - Volkswagen MK7.5 Golf R (Facelift)

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Scorpion Exhausts - Volkswagen MK7.5 Golf R (Facelift)

Scorpion Exhausts Cat-Back for VW Volkwagen MK7.5 Golf R features free-flowing 80mm pipework

Scorpion exhaust has smashed it out the window with the number of options they offer, when it comes to upgrading your Golf R's exhaust. When it comes to performance exhausts, especially for those turbocharged cars, bigger is definitely better. Keep it simple, the faster and more efficiently you can get rid of the exhaust gases, the more power you can produce out of your engine.

Already bringing in a hair raising 310 horsepower combined with Volkswagen's state of the art DSG gearbox and all-wheel drive, you'd think it's enough for a speedy hot hatch eh? Well, you're wrong (no hard feelings). Which is why Scorpion Exhausts have invested heavily in new tooling and equipment to allow them to produce high-flow exhaust systems in 80mm diameter of pipework.


Scorpion Exhausts is the first UK manufacturer to offer this larger 80mm diameter for the Golf R, and this increased bore size; both of  which holds the key to the performance benefits it offers when compared to 76mm diameter systems. By allowing the exhaust gases to escape more easily, the Scorpion 80mm system poses fewer restrictions to the engine, therefore allowing the engine to fulfill more of its true performance potential. 


Scorpion Exhausts dyno development and track testing have found the cat-back system alone gains 5-12bhp on a standard car. But that's only half the story. The Scorpion cat-back system really comes into its own on performance-tuned examples, especially when working in harmony with the soon-to-be-released Scorpion 80mm high-flow downpipe with either de-cat section or high-flow sports cat. On a recent project, the Scorpion cat-back system helped to achieve an impressive 501bhp. 45bhp more than was achievable with a 76mm system in place.

Scorpion Exhausts VW Volkswagen MK7.5 Golf R cat back performance exhaust system

 Sounds Right

Scorpion Exhausts are famed for their acoustic development, which means that all of their systems is designed to improve performance but without any cabin drone or unwanted unpleasantries. The new Golf 7.5R system is offered with an exhaust valve as per the OE setup, or for those looking for a slightly more aggressive tone, a non-valve system too. Both sound fantastic!

So let's listen!

Golf 7R Turbo Back De-Cat Non-Resonated Exhaust System

 Finishing Touches

As well as sounding great, the Scorpion Exhausts cat-back system looks the part too. Offered with quad 90mm Daytona or quad 90x76mm Monaco oval tailpipes, in both polished or black ceramic finishes. This exhaust fills the cut-outs in the rear diffuser to enhance the styling and aesthetics as much as it does the performance. And thanks to its T304 stainless construction and Scorpion's lifetime guarantee, you can be confident it'll stay that way too. 

Scorpion Exhausts VW Volkswagen Golf R MK7.5 Exhaust Trim

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