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 41 years of production, 10 factories, 17 names and 5,3 million cars made. These aren't "mini" numbers, not by a long shot, they are in fact, numbers that ought to illustrate how colossal the mini (note the classic mini has a lower case "m") was, and still is. Born from a discerningly autocratic view of Leonard Lord, Head of BMC (British Motor Corporation), on the success other car makers were having with small cars, he called upon (Sir) Alec Issigonis to design a "proper miniature car" and in doing so, eliminate all other marques off the streets. The mini was quick to make its mark on the motorsport front, and before its 10th anniversary had already claimed 5 podium finishes on the Monte Carlo Rally (frequently ahead of a few Porsche 911's) and 9 championship podiums in the BTCC, a third of them in first place! This is a very special little artefact, which can't, mustn't be loosely described as just-a-car. Just-a-car can't push technology, mobility, the way we view transportation and inspire a generation at the same time!