Sensor Caps

Wouldn't it be great to actually know what is happening inside your wastegate? Now you can! With the Turbosmart Wastegate Sensor Cap you can “see” into the wastegate, so there is no need to guess anymore. You can log the wastegate valve position and know exactly what it is doing in relation to other engine operating conditions. For example, can see at X RPM, your valve lifts Y much, which results in Z boost pressure. No uncertainty, just hard data.
The Turbosmart Wastegate Sensor Cap:

• Is the first of its kind on the market 
• Allows the user to install a valve position sensor to their standard Turbosmart 'gate by only changing the cap. 
• Is compatible with a wide range of popular data loggers (MoTec, RacePak, AIM, etc)
• Utilises a simple 0-5 Volt sensor found in many auto parts store (or available directly from Turbosmart) 
• Is an off the shelf item, available for all current Turbosmart wastegate sizes: 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, and 60mm 

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