Eisenmann Exhaust Systems boast a nice, deep, throaty, yet highly refined sound that brings a welcome sporty enhancement to your driving experience. The sound of an Eisenmann Exhaust System is dynamic – the more spirited the driver, the more spirited the sound. 
All Eisenmann Performance Exhausts are available in both 'Sport' and 'Pro Race' sound levels.
  • The 'Sport' level - at approximately 3dB louder than the OEM system - is ideal for those who use their vehicle on a daily basis.
  • The 'Pro Race' level - at approximately 7dB louder than the OEM system - is more suited to the more spirited driver and occasional track day user.
Because each Eisenmann Exhaust is hand built to order, there is an approximate four week delivery time (from date of order being placed).

Please Note: Some stock may require lead time.