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BMW F90 M5 M xDrive 4.4i V8 (S63M - 600 Hp) 2016 Non OPF

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BMW F90 M5 M xDrive 4.4i V8 (S63M - 600 Hp) 2016 Non OPF

Manifold Right + Left STEEL 310S
for OEM turbo charger


Downpipe kit Right + Left
Accepts the stock "Cat.-Back" system


From Supersprint:

"Supersprint is proud to offer the first performance exhaust for the 2018 BMW M5 F90.

Our R&D team started out by evaluating that the oem manifold and the dual-stage downpipe/catalytic assembly put a serious restriction to the performance potential of this incredible 600 Hp powerplant, the S63M, Twin Turbo V8 engine.

On the contrary, the stock, BMW M standard cat-back exhaust is not to blame, as it proved to be an excellent, perfectly efficient dual-branch design.

It is a free flowing unit, built with the proper size, 80mm pipe diameter.

As is, it leaves no room for improvement in the exhaust dynamics.

Being well aware of the enormous performance potential of the new F90 M5, with its new, M xdrive 4x4 system, we have developed a specific exhaust kit,made by a new Tubular Headers and a set of R&L Downpipes, which totally eliminates the restrictions found in the front section of the exhaust system.

Opposite to the popular belief, the S63M engine is still in a mild state of tune, partly because the efficiency of the turbochargers is severely limited by the stock, nearby exhaust components.
This is the area of the exhaust where we have focused our attention, exclusively.

We made the decision to develope and offer Headers & Downpipes only.

Speaking of the design, the new Supersprint headers use the same pattern as the stock exhaust manifold, which merges the primaries in pairs from opposite side cilynders (based upon the specific firing pattern of the individual 8 cylinders).
This feature makes the most advantage of the exhaust gas charge into each one of the D-shaped inlet ports of the twin scroll turbos.

Furthermore, the Supersprint full tubular design of the eight cilynder primaries eliminates all of the necked down sections of the crushed, downsized stock manifolds,while the precision crafted, merge connections reduce the thermal losses.
This in turn improves the turbo efficiency by a great amount, tranforming the faster spooling into a massive increase in boost pressure of the intake air charge, at all rpm.

The steel alloy for the tubing of the Supersprint headers is the 310S, which had been developed specifically years ago by the metal industry, and rose to fame on F1 and other premier race headers applications.

The thermal stablity of the special alloy, and the design of the Supersprint's own expansion joints / sealing rings ensure a leak-free operation, an optimum resistence to the extreme temperature of the exhaust gas, and a service-free, long life of the headers.

When mated to the Supersprint free-flowing Downpipes, which use a set of high volume, 130mm HJS Motorsport cats, with the lowest 100 cpsi density,this Supersprint exhaust system translates into a much stronger torque at low and mid rpm, as well assubstantially more hp at peak.

The Supersprint R&L Downpipes can also be used as a stage 1, milder exhaust upgrade, in conjunction with the stock manifolds.

They let the engine work at lower operating temperatures, over a longer period, reducing heat soak drastically.

In order to make the most out of the Supersprint headers + D/P system, we recommend a reprogramming of the ECU, which easily transforms the M5 into a 800 Hp+ monster sedan."