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Brands Hatch GP Circuit

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This is a racetrack layout having the design of 

Brands Hatch GP Circuit

Racetrack sculpture of infamous BRANDS HATCH GP CIRCUIT located in Kent, England. The historic racetrack is known for a number of mega events including Nascar, GT, Formula 3, 2012 Summer Paralympics, among others. The track runs 3.9 km in length and 9 turns. Since its inception in 1950s, the racetrack has yielded a number of records. According to Formula One hero, Gerhard Berger, ‘Brands Hatch is the best circuit in world’. This sculpture depicts the layout of full Grand Prix Circuit configuration of BH. Adorn your wall with this beautiful sculpture of renowned BRANDS HATCH GP CIRCUIT. An ideal gift for racing fans or for use as a trophy. Not just for race enthusiasts, equally good for non-race and non-car people as the track serves aesthetic wall art.

The racetrack is available in 3 different sizes 

23cm width – track 8mm 
46cm width – track 12mm 
92cm width – track 25mm 

We offer europewide  free shipping for all racetracks. The racetrack is cut from one piece and comes ready to hang on your wall.