Faher diesel powerful cleanser

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Powerful Anti-Friction Treatment for all Diesel systems:

Is an oil based product that decreases friction between parts by 90%.

It has high power detergency capabillities and increases fuel Cetane levels .

Cleans the fuel system, lubricates and protects, achieving a reduction in fuel consumption and wear between the component parts.

Reduces contamination (smoke, CO, HC, DPM, NOx y SO2).

Eliminates the sulphur effect of diesel.

Improves combustion.

Used as a Pre-MOT treatment.

Reduces fuel consumption.

Compatible with all diesel engines.

Recommended for all Diesel injection systems, including Direct Injection, Common Rail and Pump Injector.



In a light vehicle add 200ml in a quarter of a tank (around 15 liters).

Allow the engine to run until almost out of diesel which is enough to sufficiently clean and lubricate even those systems in a poor condition. 

After the powerful cleansing process is complete then continue the treatment with our Diesel Maintenance product.



After using the powerful diesel cleanser, we will recommend using the diesel maintenance treatment to ensure you get the most our of your fuel.