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Ford Focus RS (Mk3)

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Save yourself time and money by purchasing a Stage 2 kit, available at PNUTS!

'Stage 2' is a level of tuning that is used to increase a vehicles performance past stock components capabilities. This usually consists of a number of aftermarket parts that are known as breathers, these mods aid in the cooling and airflow of the vehicle.

Here at Pnuts, we have compiled stage 2 kits for a number of vehicles, by working with some of the most renowned brands in the aftermarket industry. Not only saving you time searching the net for the best prices, but by giving you peace of mind that all your parts will arrive at the same time (for a fixed delivery fee).

Our kits are usually delivered separately as they come from various suppliers, and they use their own couriers, but for £34.99 we can make sure that your order is delivered together for your convenience and peace of mind, (please note: this could potentially increase estimated delivery times).

*This kit only consists of the physical car parts, you will need to get your car tuned by your local remapping/tuning company to take advantage of the extra power our kits offer*

Ford Focus RS (MK3) Stage 2 kit


- Airtec intercooler upgrade RRP £795.00

- Ramair jet-stream induction kit RRP £249.99

- Scorpion primary downpipe (option) RRP £204.97 

- Scorpion Sports cat downpipe (option) RRP £530.45

*please note, decats are for race/track use only. Please see sports catalyst to pass UK MOT emissions tests*

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