IWG-75 - Nissan Pulsar/Juke 1.6T

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The IWG-75 Internal Wastegate Actuator for the Nissan Juke and Pulsar 1.6T is a straight swap for the standard wastegate actuator, and offers significantly improved performance and durability. With an internal spring pressure of 7PSI, the IWG-75 offers more stable boost control, resulting in less wasted boost, quicker turbo spool and less boost drop off at the top of the rev range compared to the standard 'tin can' actuator.


Turbosmart's internal wastegate actuators provide noticeable performance improvements throughout the rev range even in stock engines, but really come into their own when increased boost levels are involved. The IWG-75's high-quality billet aluminium construction and reinforced silicone diaphragm means that it will keep control even when you turn the boost up.

The 7PSI IWG-75 for the Pulsar and Juke is suitable for stock to lightly modified vehicles, and does not require a tune. 

Supplied With:
Mounting bracket and mounting hardware, 7psi middle spring (Brown/Purple - installed).


Nissan Juke and Pulsar MR16DDT 1.6L Turbo models.

IMPORTANT EMISSIONS NOTE: This product does not have a CARB EO #; it is not legal for sale or use in CA on pollution controlled motor vehicles. This is intended as a "Race Only" product to be used solely for competition. It's use is limited to closed-course and open-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization; any other use including recreational off-road use, may be a violation of local, state and federal laws. It is the buyer's responsibility to verify legal use of this product for the intended application and use.