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This is a racetrack layout having the design of 

Laguna Seca with picture
This racetrack sculpture depicts the layout of Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (previously known as Laguna Seca Raceway) loctated in central California, US. The racetrack is 3.602 km long with 11 turns. A variety of racing, exhibition, and entertainment events are held at the raceway, ranging from superkarts to sports car racing to music festivals. The name Laguna Seca is Spanish for "dry lake": the area where the track now lies was once a lake, and the course was built around the dry lake bed. The sculpture is filled with powerful multicolor motorsports graphics. An ideal gift for racing fans, event participants or winners. Also serves as wall art, trophy, memorabilia, collectible. One-piece racetrack crafted as a single piece. With no seams or joints, it has sleek and smooth looks. The used wood is 20mm thick. 
The racetrack is available in with the following layout 

Racetrack with a private image (image by e-mail to us pnuts@spartsauto.com, please high resolution!)