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Millers COR 20w50 Engine Oil

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COR 20w50 is a high performance synthetic fortified competition engine oil especially developed for short oval racing engines requiring a 20w50 viscosity. It is based on the highest quality performance additives and shear stable viscosity improvers in synthetic and mineral base oils. It is exclusively formulated for short circuit racing and particularly suited to older classic sport applications.

Use as received for lubrication of competition engines derived from production engines. Ideally suited for use in competition engines e.g. Rover V8, Ford Kent and Pinto engines in all sectors of motorsport.


  • Provides up to a 26% reduction in friction plus a reduction in wear compared to a standard engine oil
  • Cost effective
  • Sophisticated performance additive package
  • Maximum engine protection
  • Minimum power loss
  • Synthetic fortified formulation