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Millers Millermatic ATF SP III-WS Transmission Oil

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Premium fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid.


An automatic transmission fluid formulated to meet the high performance levels required by Japanese and Korean manufacturers.


  • The additive selection provides excellent friction durability and anti-shudder performance. Ensuring a smooth transmission of power
  • High resistance to oxidation and degradation, providing protection throughout the long service intervals
  • Also suitable for SP-IV application

Performance Profile

  • Mitsubishi SP – II and SP – III
  • Toyota T-III, T- IV and Toyota WS
  • Nissan Matic C,D,J,S
  • Hyundai and Kia rebrands of Mitsubishi fluid
  • Honda ATF Z1 (Except CVT)
  • Aisin Warner JWS 3309, JWS 3324
  • Subaru Special ATF
  • JASO M315 1A
  • GM Dexron III and GM 9986195
  • Ford Mercon V and M2C 924-A
  • Mopar +3, Mopar +4