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Millers Millermatic ATF UN Transmission Oil

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An automatic transmission and power steering fluid, mineral oil base.


An automatic transmission fluid formulated to meet the high performance levels required by Japanese and For use in automatic transmission and power steering systems as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.


  • Will provide a high performance in accordance with vehicle manufacturer requirements
  • Very high resistance to oxidation and degradation in use and so suitable for use where very long service intervals are required
  • Ensures a smooth transmission of power

Performance Profile

  • General Motors Dexron IID
  • Ford Mercon M2C 138CJ, M2C 166H,M2C 185A
  • MB 236.1,236.5, 236.6,236.7
  • ZF TE-ML-O2F, O4D, 09B,11A,11B, 14A,17C