Remus Exhausts

RS3 2.5L Turbo (2015-onward)

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RS3 Sportback, type 8V, 4/2015

Remus Exhausts

Remus exhaust systems are TÜV approved and built to exacting standards using high grade stainless steel and heat resistant black ceramic paint. In addition to this, Remus use a purpose-built high tech acoustic room to test the sports sound of each exhaust on the car.

 RACING cat replacement pipe instead of secondary (underbody) catalytic converter, without homolation REMUS tube Ø 76 mm
Resonated front section, incl. EEC homologation REMUS tube Ø 76 mm

Sport Exhaust centered for L/R system (without tail pipes) with 2 integrated valves, incl. EEC homologation REMUS tube Ø 76 mm The supplied actuators activate the valves to factory preset positions via the vehicle onboard electronics.

Tail pipe set L/R consisting of 4 Carbon tail pipes Ø 84 mm angled, Titanium internals, with adjustable spherical clamp connection