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This is a racetrack layout having the design of 

Suzuka International Racing Course
This racetrack sculpture depicts the layout of, Honda-owned race course, Suzuka International Racing Course. It’s located in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture, Japan and has emerged as one of the world's most demanding and rewarding motor racing circuits. The GP Circuit runs 5.8 km in length with 17 turns. Opened in 1962, Suzuka is openly touted by F1 drivers and fans as one of the most enjoyed, is also one of the oldest remaining tracks of the Formula One World Championship, and so has a long history of races as venue of the Japanese Grand Prix. Its traditional role as one of the last Grands Prix of the season means numerous world championships have been decided at the track. Suzuka also boats of being features in many famous and best-selling video games. Express fondness for your favorite track by hanging this fascinating layout sculpture in your man cave, living room or literally anywhere indoors. This will surely add a hint of Japanese motorsports heritage to your place. An ideal gift for racing fans, event participants or winners. Also serves as wall art, trophy, memorabilia, collectible. One-piece racetrack crafted as a single piece. With no seams or joints, it has sleek and smooth looks. 
The racetrack is available in 3 different sizes 

23cm width – track 8mm 
46cm width – track 12mm 
92cm width – track 25mm